About Unrigged

A coalition of 20 local, regional and national media outlets from across Canada Unrigged.ca is a news platform that provides up-to-the-hour news from across the country.

Unrigged.ca offers Canadians a place to access the latest news, podcasts, features, op/eds.

A collaboration between non-profit outlets designed to benefit readers and promote news, the website continuously monitors sites and feeds of its members.

Current membership includes:

Unrigged.ca also receives support from the Co-op de Solidarité Pivot and the Solidarity Economy Incubation for Zero Emissions (SEIZE)

Together, the outlets have an audience of over a million readers, listeners and viewers in Canada. As a condition of membership, each publication agrees to promote the platform through all of its channels.

The 20 founding members are in active talks with a number of other publications, as well as potential supporters, to expand the scope and deepen regional coverage.

The initial group has been established thanks to a web of working relationships and friendships reaching from Victoria to St. John’s. With the basic parameters and membership requirements established, Unrigged.ca will be discussing membership with a variety of prospective members.

Development on Unrigged.ca has been coordinated by Eric Wickham (The Hoser), Dru Oja Jay (The Breach), Romy Garrido (Press Progress) and Andre Goulet (Harbinger Media Network).

Website build and development and technical support courtesy of Dru Oja Jay, Eric Wickham and Sarah Michelle Ang.

Questions? Email us at info@unrigged.ca

How to join the Unrigged.ca network

To apply to join, please read the application form and when your organization is ready, apply.